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Support and Healing for 'Twist Therapy' Survivors

In this event, we will discuss the topic of how to deal with conversion therapy, as well as the publicity of the "Coping with "Rotation Therapy" manual.


At the beginning of the event, the guest fanfan showed us the concept of "torsion therapy", and made a series of objective elaborations on the origin, development and current situation of "torsion therapy", so that we have a basic understanding of "torsion therapy". Or a deeper level of cognition. It is worth noting that Kuang Kuang told us that "reversal governance" is not a medical term, nor a scientifically based treatment, but a public-level ambiguity and misunderstanding that wrongly pathologizes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. , and also confuses the behavior of "reversal therapy" with medical behavior, and the wrong perception has caused the group under "reversal governance" to suffer from violence and discrimination from the public level for a long time.

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Next, in the sharing of guest Kaikai, our understanding of "reversal therapy" is not only based on individual emotional experience, but also from the legal aspect, we have a better understanding of the rights protection methods of the group undergoing conversion therapy. In Wang Yikai's elaboration, we can understand the important role of lawyers in "torsion therapy". Kaikai also provided us with recommendations of relevant firms and how we describe our personal demands when facing lawyers. and what legal documents we need to sign. From the legal perspective, Wang Yikai shared how to protect the best interests of all those who have been reversed. Lawyer Wang Yikai told us that when we want to use legal means to protect our rights and interests, first of all, we need to collect evidence. The first is to keep the text, and the second is to put safety first. Maintaining a good relationship with the treatment institution is beneficial to collecting evidence. The third is to record everything in detail and in a timely manner, so that lawyers can judge whether the evidence is valid.

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Guest Kuang Kuang shared with us a series of countermeasures from the countermeasures of torsion treatment. She started by listing to us a series of risks of torsion therapy and went on to present the methodology. Kuang Kuang believes that in the face of conversion therapy, first of all, we should calm down, then negotiate with parents and therapists, or use legal means to protect our rights. When we are forced into a conversion facility, we should also try to be at peace, find communication skills with others, reduce our own risk of being converted, and then develop a safe escape plan.

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At the end of the event, it is also our practice, the interaction between the guests and the audience. In this part, we listened to the confusion of many audiences and also got the advice of professionals.

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