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​​​experienced torsion therapy, what can I do?

In the documentary "Xiao Di", an underage transgender girl Xiao Di is sent to an "Internet addiction school" by her parents. Her parents are counting on the "conversion therapy" offered by the school to turn her into a "normal boy". During the "torsion therapy", Xiaodi suffered both psychological and physical torture. Xiaodi had just turned 17 when she was sent to the "Internet Addiction School". What happened to Xiaodi is not an exception.


In 2014, the Beijing LGBT Center and the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the "Chinese Gay Mental Health Survey Report". Among the 1653 valid samples, 9.14% of individuals indicated that they had considered "torsion therapy". The survey found that the two main reasons for accepting "torsion therapy" were "for their parents" and "to adapt to society and live a normal life".


In fact, "conversion therapy" has been denied at the legal level in China. There is also a growing body of research in the scientific community showing the ineffectiveness and detrimental effects of "torsion therapy" on individuals. However, due to parental and other social pressures, "reversal therapy" has become a "no solution" for some individuals and families. There are still many sexual minorities forced to undergo similar "reversal therapy". On the one hand, it has brought pain to the individual, and on the other hand, it has also brought irreversible damage to its family.


There are various ways of "reversal therapy" in today's society, and many sexual minorities are often at a loss. In the process of recording and researching the experiences of "torsion therapy" survivors, we also realized that to prevent the persecution of sexual/minority groups by "torsion therapy" at the source, we need a practical guide to dealing with "torsion therapy" . With the efforts of many individuals and institutions concerned with "torsion therapy", we have compiled "What to Do When Encountered with Torsion Therapy" - A Handbook for Coping with Torsion Therapy, hoping to help those who are or are about to experience "torsion therapy". few individuals.

what we want to do


1. To provide a relatively complete popular science book and coping guide for gender/gender minority individuals who are about to or are undergoing "reversal therapy", so as to guide gender/gender minority individuals to correctly recognize themselves.

2. Call on society to pay attention to the harm and negative impact of "reversal therapy" on gender-minority individuals and their families.

3. Guide family and friends who care about gender/gender minorities to correctly understand their sexual orientation and gender identity, and pay attention to their mental health.

can be read from the manual


In the first part of the handbook, we systematically sorted out the origin and development of "torsion therapy", its scope, status investigation, main forms, related cases, and scientific cognition, etc. Torsion Therapy" questions and confusion.


Later in the handbook, readers will find practical advice and approaches for preventing and coping with "torsion therapy." The content includes: correctly judging the individual's identification of the risk of "torsion therapy", to the action suggestions for different stages of "torsion therapy", and the matters needing attention on how to adjust the mentality and seek help.


In the appendix, we also provide a series of reference resources, self-measurement sheets, legal document templates and case libraries.

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"Conversion therapy" is essentially a kind of violence based on social prejudice, which has caused serious harm to the physical and mental health of individuals and their families, and should be opposed and prohibited. I hope that friends who are concerned about the LGBT community will forward this manual to provide timely assistance to those in need of "reversal therapy", so as to avoid the harm to individuals from the source to the greatest extent.



Download the electronic brochure


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2. The mobile browser needs to open the link and save the file. Taking Safari as an example, after opening the webpage, select the share icon at the bottom of the browser and select "Save".


"What to Do When Encountered with Torsion Therapy?" - A Handbook for Coping with Torsion Therapy



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