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Map of China's "torsion therapy" and recordings of doctors' remarks

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Remarks by doctors in hospitals around the world about "reversal therapy"

"There is such a case, it is recommended to go to the psychologist for consultation."

"If you want to change, you can adjust."

"We are a semi-public charity."

"10-120,000 a course of treatment..."

"Behavioral Cognitive Therapy and Psychoanalysis."

"360 yuan an hour, you can get medical insurance."

"It can be reversed in 10 treatments."

"To come to the diagnosis, to distinguish whether it is true homosexuality or false homosexuality."

"Doctors are at the national level, as long as they cooperate."

"Homosexuality is not a disease, it is a psychological problem."

"He is finally willing to get married and willing to cooperate to make changes."

"10-15 days will turn you around completely."

"There must be professional technical methods, such as our hypnotherapy, as well as brain balance therapy and drug therapy."

"More than 1,000 yuan a day, almost 20,000 yuan."

"Your disease is classified in psychiatry, sexual orientation disorder."

"Injecting a 'factor' at a specific point, 4,800 at a time, two or three times a month, without any side effects."

"Homosexuality, what's the deal with this! You have to be hospitalized! Mobile phone number?"

"Give you a pulse number."

"Well, let's do a test for you first, and check the neurotransmitters."

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