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Born Perfect: 2nd Survivor Recruitment for 'Twist Therapy' Psychological Mutual Aid Group


Has NI ever beendiscriminateandViolence

just because of myselfGay/Bisexual/Transgenderidentity of;

Has NI ever been voluntary or coercedbecome "normal"

accept all kindsCounseling/Training/Therapy

Just to reverse NI'sSexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression:

If NI is distressed by these experiences, confused and anxious about it, but unable to talk and be supported, then join our "Born Perfect" support group! This is a group of people with similar experiences led by professional counselors Psychological support group.


We sexual/gender minorities have been taught that because we are "sick," "defective," "evil," or somehow "abnormal," we need some kind of "healing." Some institutions and individuals claim to be able to provide "correction" for profit, a practice known as "conversion therapy." Common forms of conversion therapy include counseling, medical therapy, religious activities, detox schools, superstition/witchcraft, and more. Not only are these so-called treatments deemed ineffective by the WHO, they often cause far-reaching harm to those involved. More and more "conversion therapy" providers are being punished by the law. The Haidian District People's Court in Beijing ruled in December 2014 that the institution providing "conversion therapy" was illegal, and asked it to apologize to the plaintiff and pay compensation. In June 2016, a man in Zhumadian City, Henan Province sued the local hospital for forcing him to undergo "conversion therapy." The hospital issued a public apology and compensation by the court. We are willing to provide psychological support and healing to those who have been hurt by "reversal therapy".


In March 2022, we launched our first phase of Torsion Therapy Survivor Psychology Group, allowing survivors to communicate narratives and make connections in a safe environment. The results of the assessment showed that the participants' post-traumatic stress (PTSD) index decreased by an average of 51%. Participants also said that "effective support helped them get through difficult times" and "grow and change". In the second half of the year, we will start recruiting again to give survivors of conversion therapy in need a space to talk and support.




Wei Tingting

Consultant introduction

Wei Tingting, feminist counselor, Bachelor of Sociology from Wuhan University (with a double major in Psychology from Central China Normal University), Master of Anthropology; Master of "Understanding Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault" from University of London Graduate Certificate Diploma. Member of the Clinical Psychology and Supervision Special Committee of Guangdong Psychological Association, certified leader of Death Cafe, sexual and intimate relationship counselor, and national second-level psychological counselor (certificate number: 1817000008213806).


Extensive cognitive, research and practical training experience on topics such as gender, feminism, LGBT, sexuality and intimacy. From 2021, provide training and sharing related to gender/sexual minorities and feminist psychology for psychological counselors, social workers and other groups. Since 2018, I have been practicing as a psychological counselor, with about 1,000 hours of one-to-one consultation for a fee, and 100+ hours of group leadership experience. I have led a mutual aid group for sexual assault survivors, an LGBT growth group, a mutual aid group for conversion therapy survivors, and Owen Yalong. interpersonal groups, etc. So far, she has 200+ hours of psychodynamic therapy experience and nearly 400 hours of individual and group supervision experience. She is a multicultural and feminist-oriented psychological counselor, a growing psychological supervision, and an advocate of gender and sexual minority issues.

Group goals:


1. Help survivors communicate and narrate in a safe environment, connecting with each other

2. Build connections and help among survivors and gain more supportive relationships

3. Healing and Helping from Torsion Therapy Wounds

4. Allow survivors to have stronger self-esteem and self-confidence, and be more accepting of themselves

5. Learn certain trauma knowledge and skills in the group to accept and calm down self-emotion

What can you get?

2 hours of group time once a week that will help NI

1. Connect with others who are going through the same experience in a safe environment, listened to and supported

2. Establish combing and thinking about past experience and gain more self-affirmation

3. Gain trauma-related knowledge and coping skills to help you better accept yourself and past experiences

4. Through group work, heal and repair the psychological trauma caused by social oppression such as conversion therapy and sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination.

Activity planning


Group size: 4-8 people

Participation restrictions:People who have experienced "torsion therapy" have a certain motivation to participate in groups to promote self-growth and healing, and can ensure a certain amount of participation time.

Participation form:Online, use the Tencent Meeting app. Online groups require members to turn on their cameras throughout the process.



It is expected to start in September, every Tuesday evening 7:00-9:00 (a total of 8 weeks)



The deposit is 300 yuan, and 300 yuan will be refunded if all attendees are able to attend.


ways of registration:

Add a small assistant WeChat → fill in the registration form - make an appointment for a communication interview time before a group of one-on-one interviews - pay the fee in one time after confirming the group (if the group is temporarily withdrawn, the fee will not be refunded)

Click to fill out the registration form


*If you have any questions, please add a small assistant WeChat: diana-blue

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