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"Lovers" is an art project aimed at homosexual "reversal therapy" in China, co-initiated by artist Wu Laobai and comrade Chang Lin He. They use creative communication methods inspired by the movie "Three Billboards" to further hear the muted voices.


They collaborated with a number of affirmative action organizations, psychological counselors and related practitioners in China, and extracted three sentences based on the "China Mental Disorders Diagnosis and Classification System Third Edition" (CCMD-3) and the statement of the health organization:


"A cure for a disease that doesn't exist"

"There is still sexual orientation disorder in the "Chinese Diagnostic Criteria for Mental Disorders"

"19 years, why?"


And were printed on three red vans. Starting from Shanghai, I passed through 6 cities and visited nine institutions that have been proven to be doing reversal "treatment" along the way.

rainbow path

Project planners started crowdfunding on November 29, 2018. As of June 30, 2019, a total of 810 people participated in donations in 213 days, and finally raised 42,269.6 yuan, forming a rainbow about 2,113.45 kilometers long. path.

#corrected people#

On June 30, 2019, three trucks drove to Beijing. This time, the "Three Sentences" were handed over to the public, and everyone re-written according to the actual experience and made a picture by themselves, so that the three red trucks temporarily became a shared billboard.


To this end, the project planner created the tag #RectifiedPeople# on Weibo, and collected a total of 98 sets of photos, that is, 98 "three sentences" of different cases.

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