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Echoes of pain: 1910-2020 "torsion therapy" in China

On April 28, an online art exhibition with the theme of "The History of Reversal Therapy in China" was held through a zoom conference. The host Qing Que and history graduate student Yafei, the former head of the Rainbow Women's Rights Group in colleges and universities, shared and discussed this topic. Asia and Africa's tracking of time tells us about the development of "torsion therapy" in China from 1910 to 2020 and the characteristics of different periods.

In China, "torsion therapy" has been affecting the LGBT community in a complex and unreasonable way. Yafei shared with us that since the Republic of China period, homosexuality has been regarded as a disease, and it is incurable.


In the second half of the twentieth century, society's perception of homosexuality changed from a pathological perspective to a conceptual issue. Society in the second half of the twentieth century saw homosexuality as a political stigma. It is a manifestation of immorality and backward thinking.


In the 1980s and 1990s, homosexuality transformed from a political problem to a medical one. Society begins to pathologically transform homosexuality in an overt, massive way.


Until now as we enter the post-ccmd-3 era, "torsion therapy" has become a complex issue. The barriers to homosexuality come from laws, power and social thought. It can be said that from the past to the present, this issue has been in a kind of repressed and wrong repetition.


Next, Yafei introduced to us the earliest "torsion therapy" in the world and the characteristics of domestic "torsion therapy". At present, "reversal therapy" has a very deep relationship with the establishment of modernization in China. China's current "conversion therapy" has a clear basis: the interference and discrimination of Chinese political institutions, which strengthens the public's vigilance against LGBT.

​ What to do about anti-torsion therapy?

Yafei believes that when political discrimination and medical discrimination are still prevalent, what we need to do is to fight back against this kind of discrimination. Passing the correct ideas in the mind to counter political discrimination. Fighting medical discrimination through media exposure. and legal means to protect their rights.


At the end of the event, Yafei interacted with everyone. More questions about "torsion therapy" were answered through questions with participants.

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